What is the Timeline for Obtaining a Business Degree Online?

Business degrees have often been referred to as the most utilitarian degree option because degree holders can use their degree to apply it for many different types of jobs. As you complete your business degree, you will be exposed to a wide variety of areas of business and you may discover that a key area appeals to you as you are earning your degree. Once a specific area sticks out to you, you can then decide which type of job you will be pursuing as you graduate from school. 

If you are settled on the fact that you want to attain a Business Degree online, you may be wondering how much time you must commit to studying for your degree. It is very common for prospective students to research degree timelines, but you need to know which type of business degree you plan on earning before you can come up with a definitive plan. Here is your guide to degree options and the variability of timelines that you should be aware of based on your initial decisions.

Timeline for Undergraduate Business Degrees

An associate’s degree is the lowest level business degree that you can attain. It will prepare students in areas of general business and can qualify you for positions that require some undergraduate study. If you complete an Associate’s General Business degree online, you can expect to spend 4 semesters studying on a full-time basis. Each semester will typically last 6 months, but some schools offer accelerated and intensive programs that can be completed in a shorter time frame. The average student spends 2 years earning an A.A.

If you would prefer a more competitive business degree like a Bachelor’s degree, there are hundreds of different B.A. Business degree programs to choose from. Majoring in Business and minoring in another discipline may give you a broader range of knowledge in the field that can be useful as you apply for positions. If you do choose the standard full-time online B.A. or B.S. program and you do not have any transfer credits, expect to spend about 4 years, or 48 months, completing your credits. This duration can be longer or shorter based on the number of credits that are required. If you already possess an A.A., you may be able to complete an online B.A. or B.S. in just 2 years.

Graduate Timeline for a Business Degree

If your ultimate goal is to earn your MBA so that you can prepare for a management or executive position in the business platform, you must start by choosing the right concentration. There are so many different concentrations and business schools to choose from, and you must know the deadlines and requirements before you apply. Typically,you will need to be ready to apply about 6 months in advance, and you should have the work experience required under your belt. Once you get accepted, you can earn your MBA online in 12 to 36 months based on your enrollment status.

A degree can help you get your foot in the door or get the promotion you have been wanting. Make sure you are realistic about timelines, choose an accredited program and school, and put knowledge into action after you earn your degree.