What are the Advantages to Obtaining a Business Degree Online?

If America is the Land of Opportunity, then education is the path to success. Not only does education open doors to opportunity, it equips you with skills to better serve in your role, making you an essential asset to your organization.

Today, more than ever, individuals are turning to online degree options. USA Today reports that online degrees in education are “skyrocketing,” and it’s little wonder why. No commute, no relocating, no sitting in lecture halls – just from the convenience perspective, the online degree is very tempting. Can an online business degree be the right choice for you? Here are the top advantages of obtaining your business degree in an online format.

Stay in Your Current Role

Demonstrating loyalty and commitment to your organization by staying employed through your degree program can help to develop your good name. In addition, letting your boss know that you are pursuing a degree in business might land you a few special assignments at work. Even if you intend to leave your current position upon graduation, continuing to work while you study will ensure that you have excellent references and recent work history when you apply for a new position. Those years of work experience also count on your resume, and can bump your application status from “entry level” to “intermediate experience”. All that, and you get to keep on paying the bills, too.

Show Me the Money

Many organizations offer tuition reimbursement for employees who work a certain number of hours and who earn a certain GPA. If you are currently unemployed, getting a job at a local supermarket, Starbucks, or major chain retailer might pay off in tuition reimbursement more than anything else. An online degree option also means that you can relocate mid-program, if you are able to land a better job during your course of study.

Make Your Education an Asset to Your Employer

Your coursework in business is going to include a few projects. If you have stayed in your current role, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor your school projects to a current need in your organization. Demonstrating your very real value to the company means your work gets noticed, which will help your advancement. In addition, you will immediately apply newly-acquired skills, and field-test your theoretical education in a pragmatic setting.

Make Connections

Online degree programs are growing in their respect as viable educational options, according to CNBC.com (http://www.cnbc.com/id/32663024). With the rise of social media and the globalization of the business community, your participation in an online degree program further diversifies your geographic networking capabilities. Now, instead of studying among students at a particular college among a particular geographic base, your classmates can be attending from anywhere in the world. Leverage this reach by using social media tools like Linkedin, and your potential network just got global – as did your opportunity.

With this list of perks, it’s little wonder that experts are predicting that online education will eventually outstrip traditional, in-person educational offerings. Consider your options today.