What Careers are in International Accounting?

There are quite a variety of careers in international accounting available for graduates who want to work with global accounts and teams. Anyone who wants to establish a career in international accounting will need at least a bachelor’s degree.

Project Controller

Project controllers are members of financial project management teams that evaluate financial performances before, during and after project completions. They are tasked with implementing improvements to the project management system by reconciling project data to financial data and developing innovative methods of reporting progress. They identify financial deviations, develop methods for executive reviews and forecast budget capacities. Project controllers work on a variety of projects, so they must continually prioritize tasks based on strategic planning and financial goals. They are often asked to help develop financial paths to new product commercialization by reviewing client proposals and developing project quotes. Project controllers provide financial insight into projects by creating standardized and repeatable methods of reporting and analysis.

Financial P&L Manager

Financial profit and loss managers are responsible for international profit and loss reporting. They prepare monthly reports and quarterly analysis of business functions and locations. They review profit and loss statements for accuracy, statistics, transparency and external sales. They also use them to prepare profit bridges, foreign exchange analyses and global profit and loss statements. They also design and develop financial queries and customized analytical schedules for specific accounting purposes. Profit and loss managers coordinate with foreign finance and business partners to maintain lists of risks, strengths and opportunities. They must understand both the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the International Accounting Standards (IAS), according to the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

International Finance Supervisor

An international finance manager will directly report to a CFO and manage a small, elite unit that is in charge of coordinating financial processes for all international markets. They partner with local teams to support priority projects and gather relevant financial data. They serve as the primary contact point for finance teams and business partners. An international finance manager will focus on improving operations and processes through analyzing data across regions and identifying best practices. They support international growth initiatives in order to drive revenue and improve operational efficiency. They ensure that international finance policies and processes are aligned with objectives established by executives.

External Financial Reporting Manager

An external financial reporting manager is a senior accountant who provides technical accounting research and guidance to internal customers and leaders. They assist with SEC reporting and other mandatory communications. They prepare financial statements related to hedging, derivatives, benefit plans and stock-based compensation. They perform Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 control activities for mandatory reporting processes and financial statements. They also work with new foreign business partners to develop and implement policies and procedures relating to accounting in accordance with international accounting standards. They help translate financial statements from unstructured data into insightful reports. They work with foreign financial executives to ensure that issues are identified and resolved in timely manners.

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Additional careers in international accounting include contract reporting analyst, international comptroller, financial administrator and chief financial officer.