What is a Public Relations Manager?

If you would like to be in charge of helping an organization or company maintain a good public image, you may want to learn more about the role of a public relations manager. Managers within the field of public relations can work in a variety of different industries with small, medium-sized or large companies. Since a company’s public image is so important, companies invest a lot of money to build a team of experienced public relations professionals who can draft news articles or make public announcements. Here is more about the job duties of PR managers and what you need to do to become one:

What is the Primary Role of a PR Manager?

It is the public relations manager’s job to present the company that they represent in the best possible light. Since negative reviews and public opinions can have a drastic affect on how stockholders view the value of their stock, companies need a manager who will keep track of the companies public image at all times. While it is important for managers to make public announcements in crisis situations, it is just as important for managers to keep public opinions as positive as possible even when things are going well.

What are the Day-to-Day Responsibilities of the PR Manager

PR managers work for private companies and PR officers work for government organizations. While the titles vary, the duties of each are similar. Both officers and managers are in charge of working with the media and the public to get information out about the company or products the company sells. Responsibilities from day to day can change, because your job duties are dependent on what is going on inside the company or organization. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are some common responsibilities of PR managers:

  • Create budgets for the PR and marketing departments
  • Hire and train new members of the PR team
  • Set up interviews with the media
  • Hold press conferences to announce information on new products or industry updates
  • Updating company websites
  • Writing press releases to announce the release of a new product without directly promoting it
  • Writing articles for the newspaper or an article directory
  • Editing papers and critiquing the work of associates in the PR department
  • Employee reviews
  • Coordination of PR campaigns
  • Assigning activities to staff
  • Devising promotional programs

How Do You Become a PR Manager or Officer?

If you are interested in working in public relations and your goal is to become a manager, you need to start by enrolling in a four-year degree program. You will need at least a bachelor’s degree majoring in public relations or communications to find a job with a smaller company. Most employers prefer to hire managers who possess a master’s degree in public relations or journalism, because there is a greater focus on public affairs and technical writing. It can also help to get a few years of industry experience as a PR specialist before you start pursuing management positions.

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If you are ready to start a career instead of just a job, it is time to enter an academic program to develop the communication skills, speaking skills, and writing skills that you need to succeed in public relations. Once you have your undergraduate degree you can start to work on PR campaigns so that you can show organizations why you would make a great public relations manager.