What Careers are Available for Those With an Online Business Degree Specializing in Public Administration?

Completing an online business degree specializing in public administration has several benefits for future professionals looking for a career path in public administration. The focus of public administration in an online business degree offers students the opportunity to gain the specialized knowledge and skills required in the professional workplace.

Preparing for a Career in Public Administration

Public administrator positions incorporate various aspects of finance and economics, sociology, environmental health, political science, mathematics and research, and interpersonal and other communication skills. Building skills in confidence, public speaking, negotiation and mediation, and empathy will be a solid start when beginning a career path in public administration.

A postsecondary degree is typically required in order to enter into the public administration field. There are a number of business degrees that are offered online that include public administration courses to get prepared. In an online business degree curriculum, students specializing in public administration will complete coursework in administrative organization, ethical issues in public policy, disaster relief, resource development, grant funding and implementation, and research methods in social science.

Additional information on the skills and education to gain career qualifications can be found the American Society for Public Administration website at http://www.aspanet.org/public/.

Public Health Administration Concentrations for Future Careers

Students in an online business degree program that specializes in public administration might also consider adding a concentration to their field of study. The concentration can further develop a specific set of knowledge and skills to qualify for professional positions after graduation. Examples include nonprofit agency administration, criminal justice administration, educational administration, environmental policy, and healthcare administration.

Additionally, students might benefit from finding programs that include an internship or field work course, which can build a resume for a career search. Additional information on internships and co-operative opportunities during school can be found at the career services page on the Public Service Careers website athttp://www.publicservicecareers.org/index.asp?pageid=562.

Career Opportunities in Public Administration

Graduates of an online business degree program with a specialization in public administration can go on to consider a number of career paths, including city or county manager, management analyst, director of economic development, municipal budget coordinator or analyst, victim’s advocate, government relations lobbyist, disaster coordinator, policy analyst, program manager, and fundraising manager.

Careers in this field can be found at nonprofit agencies, government agencies, international companies, consulting firms, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and community service organizations. Overall, positions within public administration are increasing in demand. This, too, is dependent on the specific industry and position title.

Career Benefits of Public Health Administration

The choice of career is further opened up by the fact that many public administration degree programs also include a foundation in business processes and operations such as human resource and accounting, qualifying many public health graduates for consideration in business careers as well as public administration positions. Additionally, jobs can be found around the country. Public administration positions are also personally and professionally rewarding.

Public administration requires for professionals to have a diverse set of knowledge and skills. With an online business degree specializing in public administration, graduates are well-prepared to begin a rewarding and satisfying career.