What Career Paths are Opened With an Online Business Degree?

One of the best degrees you can earn that will open the most doors for lucrative and exciting g career is with a business degree. Of course, it will depend upon the specific degree that you earn that will determine the number of opportunities available and the variety of opportunities that will await you after you earn your bachelor’s degree.

Getting a general business degree

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is one that teaches you a broad range of knowledge and skill that can be applied to most areas of business. With this degree the sky’s the limit for a business career. At best, a degree will only teach the basics of a particular area of business and a person will need to adapt to a particular company’s products, services and business policies. There are limitations to what you can do with a degree, but by understanding all of the fundamental concepts in business, a person can start down many career paths. If you know your future is in business but you are not sure exactly what you want to do, then a degree in business administrator is the perfect choice. It is also the most common business degree earned online, and this is a testament to how valuable it is to those who have earned one.

Earning an accounting degree

Although this degree represents a specific area of business, it represents a fundamental aspect of business. A business administration degree applies to so many job opportunities because it is general. An accounting degree flips everything upside down and represents an opportunity for career growth because it is so fundamental to business. Once you have learned the skill of accounting, you can branch out into so many other fields in business. It should be noted that the field of accounting alone can be lucrative. Whether it is working for an accounting firm, or working as an auditor or in the field of taxes, accountants make some of the best starting salaries of all college graduates. After working in the field of accounting, a person can move down the path of investment analyst, financial advisor or any type of job that involves understanding and interpreting numbers for a business.

A marketing degree

Although there is a lot to be said for the accounting degree, the marketing degree is also a great college degree to have. Although accounting is the foundation of business, it is marketing that permeates the entire operation of a business; therefore, there are a wide range of career paths to take with this degree. Marketing is often thought of as advertising, and although advertising is a part of marketing, marketing is much more. It involves the research into which groups of people desire what types of products. With good research, a product can be made that is successful the day it is released to the market. Distribution is an important element in marketing, and a good marketing person can mean the difference between success and failure for a company product. Of course, advertising is an important part of marketing and many people have made long and successful careers in this field.


The future of those studying for online degrees in business is bright. However, those who will be the most successful with an online degree will be those who are prepared for a wide range of jobs. It is with business administration, accounting and marketing degrees that will bring the greatest opportunities in the future.