What Careers are Available for those with an Online Business Degree Specializing in Global Management?

When prospective business students choose their concentration area of study, they often ask their advisors about what careers are available for those with online business degrees specializing in global management. The answers are wide-ranging which makes the global management specialty so popular among undergraduate, graduate and even doctoral level business students. Here are some of the highlights of the specialty as well as common career paths associated with the degree.

About the Online Global Management Degree

The degree specialty of Global Management is often embedded within an International Business or Business Management degree program. Many colleges and universities offer these degree options in both traditional classroom and online options. Most programs require students to take several core management and business related courses to lay a solid foundation for the popular specialization. Some of these core courses include ones on accounting, finance, business law and marketing. Typical courses designed to support the specialization pertain to international investment, global supply chain management and international marketing.

Ideally, the global management degree concentration helps to develop business leaders who can flexibly adapt traditional business constructs to international market settings. A variety of factors like advancements in the digital age and increased opportunities for higher education of people in emerging economies have helped open the door for more businesses to operate internationally. However, these organizations still require effective management leadership to help guide and improve their business operations abroad.

Various Career Paths for Global Management Professionals

The possible career paths for those possessing international business management skills are plentiful. The key to success is more about the skills acquired from an online global management degree program and not the possession of the degree itself. This is why one must carefully choose one’s global management degree to make sure that the curriculum matches one’s specific career goals or is rigorous enough to help one acquire sought after broad-based international business skills. Some career paths include global management analysts and global supply chain managers just to name two of the most popular.

Management Analysts

Management analysts often serve as consultants who help businesses find both opportunities and risks of operating in international markets. New businesses or existing ones who want to expand into global markets are the likely employers of these analysts. Effective management analysts can help global organizations increase profits and reduce costs by suggesting operational improvements and implementing change management initiatives.

Global Supply Chain Managers

Global supply chain managers are also in great demand as they move beyond consultation and into hands on global logistics management. The people possessing these skills successfully move products across borders, negotiate with foreign warehouse and distribution centers and create supply chain schedules that help maximize profits for product manufacturers and resellers. They must have a firm grasp of the commerce regulations that apply to the countries in which they operate. Proficiency in the languages of the countries in which they work is a definite plus for these talented global business leaders.


Although there are several career paths available to those holding an online global management degree, all seem to guarantee a professional life filled with exciting challenges and rewards. The global management degree and its associated jobs seem ideal for chronically inquisitive problem solvers with a high sense of adventure.