What Careers are Available for those with an Online Business Degree Specializing in Environmental Management?

The term “going green” has become a buzz word and a hot topic for many within the past few years. The greenhouse effect, carbon footprints, and energy efficiency are all words in many company’s vocabulary these days and every effort a company takes towards the improvement of these things, the better the image of the company projects on itself. The planet is need of environmental heroes and for many years, the corporate sector has lacked in supplying those heroes. This trend is continually changing as companies become more earth friendly and the demand for environmentally conscious business administrators is definitely on the rise. These a generally new concepts to the corporate environment so opportunities are greatly limited, though.

Environmental Project Manager

Business Administration graduates that hold a minor in environmental management are often put in charge as project managers for corporations requiring a change in operating procedures regarding environmental issues. While addressing the environmental concerns of the project itself, the environmental project manager must also address the concerns of the business. These concerns can range from cost effectiveness of the project to direct environmental impact.

Corporate Environmental Analyst

The corporation’s environmental impact is often a critical part of the outlook that a company has on the public. As a corporate environmental analyst, you will collect and interpret data to corporate officials as a means to study the company’s impact on the environment. The role of the analyst provides suggestions and comments on how a company can achieve a greater awareness on it’s effects on the ecosystem by providing feasible and economic solutions.

Environmental Education Officer

Working in conjunction with the Human Resources Department, it is the environmental education officer’s job to generate personal awareness of the environmental impact that occurs internally within a company. This is conducted through continual training and presentations that offer insight to the employees of the company which result in the conservation of resources that affect the environment around them.While the opportunities are limitless for a graduate with a degree in business administration, by implementing the environmental management aspect those opportunities decreased drastically. Environmental Management is considered a scientific degree that requires the training and skills required to work in a scientific environment. The business administration only compliments the environmental aspect in that it teaches the aspects of the business organization.

It is a noble cause to want to help our planet and to implement ones knowledge in environmental management to help companies become more eco-friendly. Unfortunately, the opportunities to turn this passion into a career are stunted and limiting at best. The combination of business administration and environmental management are remotely compatible at best and require in-depth training in the sciences to be effective in the environmental aspect of this concept.

If it is the goal of the degree holder to be employed as an environmental manager for a corporation, a degree in environmental science with a minor in business administration is required. As the career of the environmental manager progresses, then a Masters Degree Business Administration would prove to more effective as the opportunities for corporate environmental executives will increase accordingly.