What are the Highest Paid Careers for Graduates With an Online Business Degree?

If you have thought about obtaining an online business degree, you may be curious about the highest paid careers for online business graduates. Determining how much an online business graduate can make is a complicated endeavor, yet the information listed below can help you gain a basic understanding of this complex subject.

Online Business Degrees-The Basics

If you are interested in learning about the highest paid careers for online business graduates, you may be wondering if the fact that a student obtained his or her degree online has a professionally disadvantageous effect. In the past, much research found that employers viewed degrees that were obtained online with a great degree of skepticism. However, as studies revealed that students who obtained online degrees get an education that is comparable to that of peers who learn through traditional educational institutions, more and more employers have come to view degrees earned through distance learning as credible. However, it is also important to note that hiring managers tend to look for specific elements in a learning institution when determining how valuable an online degree obtained from that college really is. In the important infographic “How Do Employers View Online Degrees?,” three criteria were outlined: regional accreditation, a traditional campus, and an established brand.

Highest Paid Careers for Online Business Graduates

In recognizing that individuals who earn an online business degree are considered marketable job candidates, it is safe to say that the highest paid careers cover a range of salaries and will be comparable to those which individuals who have earned a traditional business degree can access. With this idea in mind, individuals who obtain online business degrees should note that the following careers are believed to pay the most:

1. Chief Executive Officers 

The Chief Executive Officer earns an annual income of $160,400 in a plethora of business fields. Their job tasks include delegating responsibility, marketing, handling human resource issues, hiring and firing employees, and overseeing public relations processes.

2. Marketing Manager

The marketing manager can bring in a base annual income of $118,160. These individuals are responsible for competitor, company, and customer analysis. These efforts help the marketing manager determine how to effectively advertise and sell goods and services to the public.

3. Agents/Business Managers

Individuals who work as agents and business managers for athletes, artists, and performers can garner at least $101,220 each year. These individuals are responsible for both representing and marketing clients to prospective employers.

4. Personal Financial Advisors

Personal financial advisors can earn about $92,970 each year. These individuals assist in the short and long-term money management for a plethora of clients. These individuals are responsible for directing people with respect to pension or retirement planning, investments, debt management, financial objectives, and insurance coverage.

5. Management Analyst

The management analyst can bring in an annual income of $82,920. Oftentimes, the management analyst is viewed as the “problem solver” of the business world. This is the case given that the chief task of the management analyst is to research, propose, and predict the most prudent form of action that will enhance a company’s structure, profits, and efficiency.


Individuals who have given any consideration to obtaining an online business degree should note that doing so can be a cost-effective, expedient means through which to begin a productive and positive career. Now that you have gained a basic understanding of what the highest paid careers for online business graduates are, you can determine whether this vocational path will help you accomplish your personal and professional objectives.