What is the Salary Range for Graduates with an Online Business Degree?

If you are thinking about obtaining a business degree through distance learning, you may be wondering about the salaries of online business degree graduates. By reading the data found below, you can obtain the information you need regarding this issue and several others that pertain to online business degrees.

The Prestige of Online Business Degrees-Some Basics

There is a reason that people ask questions regarding the salaries of online business degree graduates, and that reason pertains to the level of prestige attributed to such degrees. In the past, there has been much skepticism regarding the validity of these degrees. However, recent research indicates that many hiring managers now view online degrees as just as credible as those which are obtained through traditional means. However, in order to be considered as valuable as traditional degrees, the online programs through which the degree is earned have to conform to three criteria. In an important infographic entitled “How Do Employers View Online Degrees?” the three criteria were listed as regional accreditation, a physical campus, and an established brand. Thus if you want to ensure that your online business degree is viewed as just as valuable as a degree obtained through a traditional learning institution, you may want to make sure that the learning institution conforms to the aforementioned criteria.

Salaries Of Online Business Degree Graduates

Given that a business student earns an online degree from a learning institution that conforms to the aforementioned criteria, he or she should be a marketable job candidate capable of earning just as much as a student who obtained their degree through the traditional educational format. With this idea in mind, it is safe to say that the salaries of online business degree graduates are comparable to those of individuals who earned their degree through a brick-and-mortar campus. And in a telling article entitled “Which Online Bachelors Degree in Business Leads to the Best Jobs?,” Lorna Collier notes that students who choose to specialize their degree will fair better in the job market than individuals who do not. Specifically, the best jobs and salaries went to professionals who chose to specialize in one of the following sectors: IT and information systems, finance, and accounting.

Sample Salaries

If you are attempting to learn more about salaries of online business degree graduates, you should note that what type of annual income one earns is contingent upon a plethora of factors. Some of those factors include the job title, job location, level of education, areas of expertise, and years of experience. Despite these variables, the following list of sample salaries may help you gauge what type of income you can expect to earn once you have obtained an online business degree.

1. Management Analyst

A management analyst is an individual who devises and implements plans to improve an organization’s efficiency. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that these individuals earn an average annual income of $78,600 per year.

2. Budget Analyst

A budget analyst is a person who assists public and private institutions by helping them organize their finances. To do so, these individuals monitor institutional spending and prepare budget reports. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that budget analysts can expect to earn about $69,280 annually.

3. Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst is an individual who studies market conditions to determine the sales potential of specific services and products. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that individuals who hold this position earn about $60,300 annually.


If you are thinking about obtaining an online business degree, you should know that doing so can be personally and professionally rewarding. Now that you have a basic understanding of salaries of online business degree graduates, you can determine whether this educational path would be right for you.