How Can you Specialize a Business Career in Marketing?

Anyone who wants to specialize a business career in marketing should choose an appropriate degree concentration that will meet their specific needs. A degree in marketing prepares graduates to enter the creative and fast-paced business world of product development and service promotion. Prospective marketing professionals can pursue either an undergraduate or graduate degree in marketing to fulfill their career goals.

Retail Marketing

One of the most common degree specializations is retail marketing because this education applies to many industries and business environments. Retail marketing is about driving the sales of goods and services to online and in-store consumers. Students learn how famous entrepreneurs relied on retail marketing to sell to consumers via radio, television, website and door-to-door methods. Retail is the largest industry in the country, so successful graduates will be prepared to become store marketers, advertising specialists and managers. These students will take classes such in retail channels, operations, management, group dynamics and supply chain logistics.

Marketing Sales

A marketing sales concentration is best for driven business professionals who want to manage major accounts in order to earn big commissions and performance bonuses. Most of these graduates will work in marketing firms that cater to high profile clients with national store chains. Marketing sales professionals will learn how to translate service support features into tangible benefits and outcomes. This degree will most likely include classes in personal selling, sales psychology, business ethics, organizational dynamics and sales management. They may also take electives in real estate, procurement management and business-to-business marketing. Classes in consumer behavior will teach students about motivation, personality and perception.

Consumer Management

This degree is designed for graduates who want to eventually become a marketing director or chief officer. Understanding the target consumers is the key to understanding the functional and emotional decisions that people make every day. This degree covers a variety of advanced topics in retailing, advertising, public relations, consumer psychology and product development. Due to the fact that marketing is critical to the success of many industries, companies actively seek talented marketing managers who understand the needs, views and wants of customers. Students may take classes in market research, regulatory compliance, marketplace behavior and mass communication.

Real Estate Marketing

Marketing goes well beyond advertising stereotypical product commercials to consumers. Real estate marketing involves a strong sales management component that prepares students for careers in residential and commercial leasing and brokerage. These students learn about government regulations, property management, financial operations and marketing tactics. These students must take many classes related to professional ethics, communication and relationships. Most of these degrees guide graduates to taking national real estate licensing exams. This degree will lean towards service marketing, client management and marketing research. Students will learn basic statistical tools and analysis techniques for real estate research.

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Anyone who wants to specialize a business career in marketing should find a program that is accredited by either The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) or the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP).