Can I Major in International Business Online?

International business online degrees are an option to consider for prospective students looking for an in-demand, exciting future career. The online degree option also enables students with non-traditional needs many advantages.  Students can quickly begin the process of pursuing an international business career. 

Preparing for Major Coursework

After completing general education credits, student move on to business core credits, which often include financial reporting, financial analysis, business law, organizational behavior, economics, and business law. Students also typically complete the beginning level classes such as international business introduction, global financial systems, and foundational experience in international business in the first two years of an online program.

Throughout the degree program, students gain knowledge in areas of business operations such as marketing, finance, quantitative methods, strategic management, and accounting. The courses are focused on those topics within the international business community in order to best prepare students to handle and manage the various tasks associated with the global marketplace and partnerships. 

International Business Major Course Work

After gaining knowledge in general business operations and the beginning course work in international business, online students move forward to complete the required major courses. Examples of common courses in this category include emerging trends in international business, importing and exporting in international trade, and the cultural environment of international business.

Overall, international business students in an online program are able to complete the courses needed to have knowledge in international managerial accounting, international economics, management, human resources management, financial systems, strategic management, and marketing, specifically focusing on the global environment. 

Online programs are also increasingly offering practicum and independent study projects with these professionals and partnered organizations. This allows for online students to gain practical experience in applying the concepts and ideas learned in class to real world business problems and issues. For additional readings on international business topics, visit The New York Times International Trade and World Market section. international business

Building Skills for Careers in International Business

With an online international business degree, graduates can look for all types of possible employment opportunities with a number of different types of organizations. International business professionals are a part of global companies, financial institutions, international non-profit organizations, relief organizations, government agencies, travel and tourism firms, and educational institutions. 
Students in an online program for international business complete the same course work as students enrolled in an on-campus program, and many online programs also offer foreign language courses for online students. A second language is a major benefit in international business, making a candidate more marketable to potential employers. 

Online international business students also gain several transferable skills and are able to illustrate these clearly. A large part of international business is done via online conferencing applications, web communications, telephone, and e-mail. Having knowledge working with communicating primarily with these forms of communication during school can be beneficial. 

Both online delivery of undergraduate and graduate degrees and the opportunities in international business are continuing to grow. As a result, there are a number of options for students who are looking to complete an international business online degree program to gain the knowledge and skill needed for a satisfying and successful career.