Online Business Degrees in Arkansas

Are you tired of watching your coworkers receive promotion after promotion while you just can’t get ahead? While having a business degree might not land you an immediate promotion at work, it can help you find better paying jobs and improve your future. Arkansas is home to a number of companies that make millions of dollars every year, and you might find yourself running one of those major companies when you complete your degree. Regardless of where you are in your education right now, you can find online business degrees in Arkansas that will make your future look much brighter.

John Brown University

The Graduate School

John E. Brown started a small school in Arkansas as a way to give other students the opportunities that he didn’t have. Coming from a poor family, Brown dropped out of school and went to work, but he later served as an evangelist and missionary. John Brown University experienced a number of years of success before adding The Graduate School to its campus. The population of graduate students continues increasing each year, and nearly 500 students now enroll in those programs. The university requires that students follow a long list of rules when taking classes on campus, but online students have more freedom.

Business Administration (Master of Business Administration)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program through John Brown University is one of the top online programs in the nation. Designed specifically for busy professionals, the program meets once a week on campus. Students take a four hour class for eight weeks. Online students don’t need to sacrifice time at work or time with their families. They take all of the required courses from home or work. Those applying to the program must have an undergraduate degree, a high score on the GMAT and an ability to learn on their own. You can choose from one of three specialty options: Leadership and Ethics, International Business or Global Continuous Improvement. The Global Continuous Improvement program is a unique program designed for individuals working for Walmart or one of its subsidiaries. Walmart has its company headquarters in Arkansas, and it hires a number of new professionals every year from within the state.

Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

2000 West University Street
Siloam Springs, AR 72761
(479) 524-7450

Southern Arkansas University Tech

Transfer Programs

Highland Industrial Park was one of the fastest growing areas of Arkansas during the 1960s, and the Southwest Technical Institute came about because that industry needed qualified workers. Now known as Southern Arkansas University Tech, the school remains devoted to technological fields, but it also gives students the option to study other topics. The university added several transfer programs to its catalog for students interested in transferring to another college later. Students can now complete an Associate’s degree in general education, business administration or teacher education and transfer all their earned credits to a four-year college to finish a Bachelor’s degree.

Business Administration (Associate of Science)

While Southern Arkansas University Tech offers two certificate programs, many students enroll in the Business Administration program and earn an Associate of Science degree in the topic. Designed for beginning students, those students can complete the program and later work on their Bachelor’s or an MBA degree. All students take a test before starting classes, which highlights their educational background. Depending on your score, you might spend an additional semester taking general education courses before starting your business classes. Students take three math courses, a language arts course, a writing class and a seminar during their first year. Other general education courses include accounting, humanities, psychology and history. The program lets you take a number of introductory and basic courses on business as well, including business information systems and the American enterprise system. You’ll learn everything you need to know before you transfer your credits and enroll in a dedicated business program.

Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

6415 Spellman Road
Camden, AR 71701
(870) 574-4500

University of Phoenix – Little Rock

School of Business

Designed for working professionals, the University of Phoenix is one of the largest online colleges in the country. Founded in Phoenix in 1976, it was the brainchild of John Sperling. Sperling wanted adult students to have access to the same opportunities as traditional students. The college grew from a population of just eight students to a total enrollment of more than 300,000 students. While some of those students take courses on the campuses located across the country, others complete their degrees entirely online. The School of Business maintains many of the more popular programs offered by the school, including its MBA and undergraduate programs.

Business Administration (Doctor of Business Administration)

Though some people think of the University of Phoenix as a strictly undergraduate school, it does offer a handful of advanced programs, including its Doctor of Business Administration. Designed for working professionals, the program is only open to students with an MBA or a Master’s degree in business or a related field. Students learn how to:

  • Identify potential problems and issues relating to a specific company and find solutions to those issues.
  • Expand business in growing and developing markets.
  • Replace the current business practices and standards with new standards that change the way people think.

All students complete 68 credit hours of study over the course of three years. You must spend five days on campus your first year, three years on campus during your second year and eight days on campus during your final year. This gives you the chance to work with leading experts in the field and show your knowledge.

Business (Bachelor of Science)

Enrolling in the Bachelor of Business program is a good way to get your career started on the right foot. The University of Phoenix believes that its online students deserve access to the same things as its traditional students, which is why the school hires the best and brightest professors. Those professors will help you learn more about the business field and how to effectively manage and run a business. In addition to general education courses in math, natural sciences and social sciences, you’ll take specialized core business classes. Those classes include business communication, statistics for decision making, principles of accounting, ethical and legal topics in business and marketing. The courses you take ensure that you can handle everything from talking to employees to expanding your base of operations. Some students earn additional credits from internships they complete in their hometowns, including working for a smaller company or working for a larger corporation.

Foundations of Business (Associate of Arts)

The University of Phoenix understands that not all students want to complete an advanced degree right away, which is why it offers a Foundations of Business program. You complete an Associate of Arts and take classes relating to business at the same time. This is a good choice for those who want to run their own companies and those who work in the business world but don’t have a college degree. If you take a full course load two semesters each year, you can finish the program in just two years, but some students opt to go part-time and work at the same time that they attend college. Core courses in the program include principles of economics, business information systems, foundations of personal finance and critical and creative thinking. This program teaches you how to think before making decisions that impact larger groups of people, the basics of economics and the fundamentals of running a business.

Business Administration (Master of Business Administration)

If you have an undergraduate business degree, you qualify for the MBA program through the University of Phoenix. Graduates with a Master in Business Administration typically earn more than those with just an undergraduate degree do, and those with an MBA qualify for better jobs as well. This program requires that students complete 36 credit hours of work, and most students graduate within three years. You’ll take classes on management, business law, organizational leadership, accounting and marketing. UP also lets its students concentrate on a specific area. Concentrations for MBA students include accounting, healthcare management, human resource management, energy management, global management, marketing, project management and technology management. Many of the courses come with prerequisites, but most students qualify for those courses based on the classes they took as an undergraduate. After taking the introductory management class, you qualify to take all of the other management courses in the program.

Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

10800 Financial Center Parkway
Suite 125
Little Rock, AR, 72211-3552
(501) 225-9337

Why waste time driving to class, fitting in courses around your schedule and sacrificing time with your family and loved ones? Online business degrees in Arkansas let you go at your own pace and finish your education without losing out on the time and moments that matter the most to you.

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