Online Business Degrees in Alabama (N-Z)

Hiring competent workers with accredited online business degrees in Alabama is a big part of the state’s campaign to make competitive employment available for its residents. Alabama is actively encouraging small business start-ups to apply for federal grants for business expansion, especially in high tech areas. Businesses of every size are also on the forefront through the Alabama Department of Commerce’s “Made in Alabama” program which highlights industry and businesses that take Alabama’s products and resources nationwide. Burgeoning industries on the cutting edge in the Cotton State include: Aerospace, automotive, agribusiness, bio-science, metals and logistics/transport industries. As a result, it’s never been a better time to pursue accredited online business degrees in Alabama.

University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa

College of Continuing Studies – Bama by Distance

Since 1831, the University of Alabama has been the state’s flagship institution of higher learning. That legacy carries on with UA’s Distance Education programs, offering today’s students flexible, economical formats to earn degrees in chosen fields. Three of UA’s top distance learning programs are in business. Interested students can earn Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in three different business specialty areas. These degrees carry the same prestige as those completed through UA’s on-campus degree programs.

BS in Commerce and Business Administration (General Business) (Online)

The Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Business Administration requires 120 hours of coursework with 61 general education and lower division business class hours being completed before entering the upper division online program. Many of these 61 hours of prerequisite coursework can also be conducted online through UA, other four year institutions or community colleges. In addition to standard courses in history, science, humanities and technology, students will spend 27 credit hours learning general business principles and 25 hours in functional field courses. Students with this degree are eligible for entry level positions or to pursue further business education options.

MA in Management (Global Business Management) (Online)

This Master’s of Arts in Management has a concentration in Global Business Management, preparing candidates for working within multicultural, diverse business environments around the world. Skill sets are honed in the areas of communication, management practices, economics, finance, statistics, marketing, business leadership and ethics. The program requires 30 hours of coursework with no thesis and can be completed in about two years. This degree appeals to many current business professionals and former military personnel, especially those who enjoy travel.

MS in Operations Management (Online)

The Master’s of Science in Operations Management degree is also 30 hours of coursework with no required thesis. Many working professionals are attracted to this degree to enhance their leadership positions at their place of employment. Program focus is on improving business operations through analyzing how goods and services are produced and delivered while improving efficiency and economic standards for doing so. Students will take manufacturing, distribution, service operations, transportation, logistics and supply chain management classes.

Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (COC-SACS)
The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

For all programs:
University of Alabama – Bama By Distance
College of Continuing Studies
Online Distance and Degree Programs
Culverhouse College of Commerce & Business Administration
Box 870223
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
(205) 348-0470 or 1-800-828-2622 (toll free)


University of West Alabama – Livingston

Division of Online Programs – Business Programs

With a longstanding tradition of offering quality education for over 175 years, the University of West Alabama branched out in the fall of 2002 and began offering online educational programs. Since then, online education has taken off at UWA.
With an easily customizable format and flexibility to suit a diverse set of student needs, UWA’s business programs are at the ready to prepare Alabama with future business leaders. In fact, UWA is the first learning institution to earn the prestigious Integrity Excellence Certification for the quality and integrity of its online course offerings. This certification is offered through the Trusted Seal Program sponsored by the International Center for Academic Integrity International.

Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting

UWA’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting is perfect for students interested in contributing to the business world as dynamic decision makers with financial expertise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accounting jobs are expected to grow faster than average for all other jobs through 2016. Accounting majors can expect to be hired in all job sectors, especially those accountants who have a degree from an accredited, highly regarded university like UWA. Coursework for UWA’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting involves:

  • 39 semester hours from the Business Professionals component including: Accounting principles, business law and communications, statistics, finance, business management practices, operations and strategic management, marketing and management information systems.
  • 30 semesters hours from the Accounting Professionals component involving: Cost accounting, computer based accounting systems, understanding Federal income tax, auditing, advanced accounting and advanced business law.
  • 30 additional semester hours beyond the Bachelor’s degree to earn a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification in Alabama.

Bachelor of Business Administration: Management

Students desiring to take leadership roles, promote human resources and develop entrepreneurship are good candidates for a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Management. The UWA online degree program requires the same 39 semester hours from the Business Professionals cluster as well as:

  • 15 semester hours of required core coursework in: Human resources management, entrepreneurship, leadership, international management and organization behavior.
  • 15 semester hours additional coursework chosen from: Cost accounting, business law, personal finance, computerized data analysis, labor relations, occupational health and safety, logistics, management issues, risk management, consumer behavior, or a management internship.

Bachelor of Business Administration: Marketing

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing degree focuses on the importance of understanding and analyzing consumer behaviors while managing marketing strategies for products and services offered by a company. Students in this program will take the mandated 39 semester hours from core classes in the Business Professionals cluster and complete the following additional classwork:

  • 15 semester hours of required core courses in: Consumer behavior, advertising and promotion, marketing management, market research and marketing stratigies.
  • 15 semester hours of additional coursework chosen from: Entrepreneurship, leadership, personal selling, retail management, marketing issues, services marketing, e-marketing and social media, international marketing, or a marketing internship.

Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (COC-SACS)

University of West Alabama
Division of Online Programs
Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management
Livingston, Alabama 35470


University of North Alabama

College of Business – MBA Programs

The University of North Alabama enjoys a long history of educational excellence dating back to 1830. The College of Business is the fastest growing school on campus and its online MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) is one of its most popular degree offerings. The MBA program from UNA was ranked ninth in the country for best buy programs in 2012 and is third in the state of Alabama for the number of graduates completing MBA programs. UNA’s goal is to bring real world experience into the classroom that enhances learning the business skills, principles and strategies necessary to be successful in today’s business world.

MBA Programs

UNA offers an MBA (Master of Business Administration) with several concentrations: Executive, Professional, Accounting, Finances, Health Care Management, Information Systems, International Business, Project Management and Enterprise Systems (ERP). MBA degrees are also offered on two tracks: Traditional (professional business experience not required) or Executive (for those with six to eight years of business experience). Most traditional MBA programs and the Executive program are offered in online formats for an affordable, flexible, convenient educational experience. In addition to foundational core prerequisites, UNA MBA coursework involves 34 semester credit hours of advanced business study in: Marketing, management, accounting, computer information systems,finance, economics and quantitative methods.

Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (COC-SACS)
Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

University of North Alabama
College of Business – MBA Programs
UNA Box 5077
Florence, Alabama 35632


University of Phoenix – Birmingham

School of Business – Business and Management Degrees

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 and now has locations world-wide offering a variety of online degree programs. Its business programs have received high credentials from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Students at the Birmingham location have the option to earn Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and post-graduate degrees by taking business courses in several specialty areas focusing on business skills for the 21st Century workplace.

Associate of Arts with a concentration in Foundations of Business

This program emphasizes fundamental business principles through the study of marketing, accounting, finance, and globalization techniques. The program requires a miminum of 60 semester hours of study in business, science, math, economics, management and humanities courses. Some students may be eligible to earn credits based on their work experience through the Prior Learning Assessment program. Completing an Associate’s Degree in Foundations of Business can usually be completed in about two and a half years. Students completing the AA degree with a concentration in Foundations of Business will be able to work in entry level positions or improve their opportunities for advancement within the workplace.

Bachelor of Science in Business

University of Phoenix offers a BS in Business with several concentrations: Administration, Finance, Global Management, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Project Management, Public Sector, Private Sector or Sustainable Enterprise Management. Each program covers 120 semester hour credits with 54 credits coming from General Education requirements in: Communication arts, math, science and technology, humanities, social science, additional liberal arts and interdisciplinary studies. Remaining semester hour credits come from coursework designed to emphasize necessary skills within the chosen concentration. Students graduating with any BS degrees in business are prepared to work in within a variety of workplace settings starting at entry level or mid-level positions.

Doctor of Business Administration

This post-graduate degree is for those who wish to lead the business world in personnel management, finances, marketing, operations and modern legal issues confronting business practices. The Doctor of Business Administration requires a minimum of 68 semester hours of advanced coursework covering such topics as: Communication strategies, leadership theory and practice, creative and critical thinking, research and data analysis methods, financial measures and cultural effects on business. Candidates will also have to complete a doctoral project.

Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association (HLC-NCA)
Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)

University of Phoenix – Birmingham
100 Corporate Parkway
Suite 250
Birmingham, AL, 35242-2982
Enrollment Advisor: 866-766-0766 (toll free)
No email contacts available. Visit online or call.

University of South Alabama

Mitchell College of Business

The University of South Alabama, located in Mobile, was founded in 1963. Its Mitchell College of Business is an internationally accredited school offering programs that prepare its students for the realities of conducting business in the global workplace. They place high value upon scholarly research to expand business development and knowledge while supporting the economy of the region.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

This degree program requires 122 semester hours to complete over four years. Thirty eight of these hours come from prescribed General Education, Communication, Science and elective courses. The rest are from core business classes. Sixty two semester hours must be taken through on campus offerings after which students may elect to take remaining classes online.

Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (COC-SACS)
Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

University of South Alabama
Mitchell College of Business
MCOB 110
Mobile, Alabama 36688


Virginia College – Huntsville

Online Programs — Business Administration (Bachelor’s)

Virginia College in Huntsville offers classes on campus and online to assist those already in the workforce with obtaining a Bachelor’s in Business so they can advance in the corporate world. Flexibility in scheduling help employed students work and study without creating additional conflict in busy lives. Virginia College is a fully accredited institution of higher learning with a focus on empowering more workers to earn bachelor’s degrees that will benefit them economically in the community as they improve their standing in the workplace.

Business Administration (Bachelor of Science) Online Degree

Students enrolled in this program will take 188 quarter credit hours to complete the Business Administration BS degree. Coursework is broken down into:

  • 8 credits Foundational Course in Career Planning
  • 56 credits in General Education from: Humanities and fine arts, mathematics, social and behavioral sciences, communications and approved electives.
  • 76 credits in Business courses including: Accounting, human resources, marketing, leadership, communications, decision making and ethics.
  • 48 credits of Concentration electives.

Since Virginia College specializes in developing skills required by a competitive job market, students with degrees from this institution are sought after by the business community. As a result, students possessing a BS in Business Administration are eligible for entry or mid-level positions and will find it easier to advance within the workplace.

Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)

Virginia College
2021 Drake Ave. SW
Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 533-7387
E-mail: No email contacts available. Visit online or call.

The value and benefits from completing a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral business degree cannot be underestimated. Online degree programs offer an increasing variety of concentrations, degree options and skill sets that empower workers to be leaders on the job. Online programs also offer the flexibility and economic means for current employees or first-time students to obtain degrees that will improve their personal economic growth while making important contributions within the business community.

In Alabama, the growth in certain industries translates to the need for highly educated, skilled workers. The state is actively seeking to hire those with business degrees to lead the way with enhancement and expansion of current and future business endeavors. Be on the forefront of your future and choose a business career by completing one of the many accredited online business degrees in Alabama.

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