What Other Areas of Study are Related to Online Business Degrees?

Completing a business degree requires that you take more than just a few business classes, which is why many students want to know more about study areas related to online business degrees. As the number of students enrolled in these programs increases every year, you need to take classes that help you become a more well-rounded person. In addition to classes that might expand your potential job opportunities, you’ll also need to take some general education courses required by the school.

General Education Requirements

When you attend business school, you won’t take courses just relating to business. Nearly every school in the country has a list of required classes that students must take at the same time that they take business classes. You’ll learn more about researching different topics and writing papers on those topics in history and English courses, and you’ll learn how to better understand people in social sciences classes. Some colleges also require that students take philosophy, religion, math or science courses. Many schools also ask that students take a number of elective courses. Classes on ceramics, drama and other fun topics count towards your electives.


Some study areas related to online business degrees include topics in the business world. Depending on your course load and what you want to do after graduation, you might take some classes on advertising and/or marketing. Advertising experts look at market factors, how the public views a company or product and works out how the company can advertise effectively. Marketing experts spend more time behind the scenes. They conduct research through focus groups, surveys and test studies, and they determine how different groups perceive different products and ideas. You can take courses on this topics in college or graduate school.


Some of the students attending business school and working on their MBA have an undergraduate degree in communications, and other students have a minor in the topic. No matter what you want to do in the business world, you need to know how to communicate with others. You’ll need to know how to approach clients, how to work through problems with coworkers and what to do with employees when you run your own company. Communications majors also complete internships at radio and television stations, which gives them a better understanding of marketing and advertising.

Human Resources

The human resources department is one of the most important departments found within a company. As one of the study areas related to online business degrees, human resources courses can prepare you to work in one of those departments or run one of those departments later. According to Grant Tilus, workers in this field make more than $38,000 a year. HR workers handle complaints from workers, issues relating to paid time off and other problems, but they also hire new employees for a company. You can concentrate on human resources as an undergrad or complete a Master’s in Human Resources in graduate school.

There are dozens of topics that relate to the business world, and you’ll find hundreds of classes available to you during your graduate and undergraduate years. The top study areas related to online business degrees include human resources, communications, advertising/marketing and other topics that help you learn more about how businesses operate.