What IT Jobs are Available with an International MBA?

International MBAThe IT jobs available with an international MBA are diverse and numerous for students who want to work in technology-based managerial positions. Keep reading to learn three of the most popular IT jobs available with an international MBA degree.

Chief Technology Officer

Chief technology officers (CTOs) oversee all aspects of software solutions, technological developments and information management systems. They oversee special projects, technology updates and research and development, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For example, they evaluate new technology proposals and determine if and how they can help their organization, employees and clients. Therefore, they generally have more technical expertise than chief information officers (CIOs). However, the CTO is generally responsible for proposing the suitable technology solutions that are requested by the CIO. In fact, many CTOs actually report directly to or collaborate equally with CIOs. Chief technology officers supervise different technology teams, managers and departments. Chief technology officers must approve technical standards, information processes and internal IT controls. They are accountable to executives and shareholders regarding the accuracy and functionality of technology systems. They also create and maintain a company’s technical vision. Most organizations prefer CTO candidates who have an MBA with an IT specialization.

Chief Information Officer

Chief information officers (CIOs) are responsible for the overall technology direction of their company. They decide the information goals of a company through collaboration with CTOs and other executives. They then oversee the implementation of policies and procedures designed to meet quantitative objectives. The CIO assumes responsibility for the planning, coordinating and managing of all information services and systems across different departments. Therefore, CIOs must efficiently work with all department heads in order to deliver quality solutions and services to clients. The CIO must stay abreast of technology, the competition and information management advancements in order to create strategic long-term goals that meet the needs of clients and the organization. The CIO must ensure that the organization delivers high quality services and accurate information within reasonable timeframes. CIOs may concentrate a specific area, such as ERP, database or knowledge management. In fact, the primary difference between a CTO and CIO is that CIOs tend to focus on abstract information management concepts while CTOs focus on hands-on technology products and solutions.

IT Security Director

Never before has there been such a strong need for organizations to protect themselves and their clients from hackers, cyber-criminals and online threats. IT security directors must oversee IT security professionals who monitor networks and systems in order to prevent or reduce data breaches and security problems, according to Computer Weekly. IT security directors must analyze their organization’s security needs and recommend possible solutions and upgrades to top executives. They oversee IT security staff, who install and upgrade software and hardware. They work with CIOs, CTOs and IT managers to ensure the highest levels of data, network and information security. They must also assess and justify the costs and benefits of proposed projects to top executives. IT security managers must stay up-to-date with current security trends and industry issues. IT security managers should have excellent directorial, risk management, strategic planning and

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It can be clearly seen that there are excellent IT careers available for students who enjoy technology and management. Other IT jobs available with an international MBA include VP of technology, IT site leader and health care information manager.