What is the Benefit of a Project Management Professional Certification?

Project ManagementOne benefit of a Project Management Professional certification is that the holder will have a globally recognized credential that endorses their business acumen and competency. Below expounds on why the Project Management Professional certification is such a prestigious credential.

The Project Management Institute

Another benefit of a Project Management Professional certification is that it is awarded by an internationally renowned organization called the Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMI is the well-recognized private organization that advocates for project, program and portfolio management professionals. The PMI has members in almost every country of their world. Their primary mission is to establish standards and provide certifications for business professionals engaged in various types of project or program management.

Job Seeking Benefits

Competition within the field of project management is high, so employers can afford to be selective. The PMP certification demonstrates to current and prospective employers that the holder is dedicated to excellence and capable of managing even the most challenging projects. Having the PMP certification listed on a resume will highlight the job candidate’s skill and knowledge, which helps to establish credibility and competitiveness. This is critical if the candidate is applying for an actual project management based job because the HR manager will most likely prioritize reviewing and interviewing candidates with PMP certification over those without certification.

Career Benefits

Individuals with a PMP certification are more likely to be hired and also assigned more challenging projects. The average salary of a project manager with certification is higher than those without certification, according to PayScale. Individuals with the PMP certification will be prepared to assume greater responsibilities because of their solid knowledge and self-confidence in their abilities. Supervisors will naturally trust employees who demonstrate the proficiencies in project management needed to succeed. Regardless of the industry, the PMP certification will result in more opportunities for advancement.

Business Benefits

Businesses support PMP certification because they directly reap the rewards of having a disciplined and results-driven project manager. The PMP certification exam is difficult and the accreditation must be maintained through continuing education credits every year. This means that employees with the PMP credential will always be aware of the latest techniques and developments in project management. PMP certification results in employees who are driven by efficiency, organization and success.

The Project Management Professional Certification Exam

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the standard endorsement that project managers are expected to obtain and maintain throughout their career. The PMP certification is a comprehensive exam that tests examinees on their knowledge of all aspects and stages of project management. There are basic requirements to be eligible to take the exam: either an associate’s degree with 7,500 hours of experience or a bachelor’s degree with 4,500 hours of work experience. Both eligibility categories require 35 hours of accredited project management coursework. The test takes four hours and containers 200 questions.

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One final benefit of a Project Management Professional certification is personal. That is, the individual will experience increased self-efficacy and self-confidence.