What is a Master of Science in Management?

managementThe Master of Science in Management is a graduate level degree focusing on general business management and is similar in makeup to the better known MBA. It is commonly seen throughout Europe, but is now popping up throughout the United States, as well as Asia. The three top schools for this degree are Switzerland’s University of St. Gallen, HEC Paris and ESSEC Business School, also in France. This degree goes by the acronyms MSM and MiM, for¬†Master in Management. It appeals to many students because there is not usually a professional work experience requirement for admission.

Expected Coursework

While every school has their own unique program requirements, there are some courses you can expect to find in most. Of course, there are business courses, such as Business Ethics, Corporate Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Management coursework can include Management Information Systems, Management Theory, Operations Management and Supply Chain Management.There will likely be a finance and economic component, classes in marketing, as well as a bit of human resources. A dissertation is likely a requirement for students also.

Similarities and Differences to the MBA

As MiM programs begin to increase, they will also become more diverse in content. However, this program is a credentialed graduate level of study as is the more traditional MBA. Unlike an MBA program, where most students must have between two and three years of professional work experience prior to admission, there is not usually this kind of admissions requirement for graduate management programs. Another difference is that students from all undergraduate majors are able to enroll in MBA programs, while management students often must have an undergraduate degree in business or economics to be admitted.

MiM degrees tend to be more focused on management, as the name suggests, as well as on theory. The MBA, by contrast, is more focused on finance, with a practical base. Students in a management program may choose a specialty area of research, while MBA students have a strategic focus. Thus, students looking to gain practical business strategy expertise may opt for the MBA, while those looking for a well-rounded understanding of business and management theory that can be narrowed down to a chosen research area would likely look to an MiM program.

Careers with a Master of Science in Management

A Master in Management will prepare graduates for management positions across various industries. They are also often employed in consulting firms due to their knowledge of management theory. Many also go into finance. Corporate jobs in media and entertainment can be a choice for management degree holders who are interested in these areas. The MSM is a flexible and versatile degree, allowing students to shape their own path to employment. Hiring representatives like that these graduates are knowledgeable in several areas related to business and that they are often young, energetic candidates.

The up and coming popularity of the MiM makes sense when you look at all it has to offer. A Master of Science in Management can be a good choice for young professionals looking to pave their way into the field of business management.