What is a Doctorate of Business Administration?

A Doctorate of Business Administration (D.B.A) degree program provides professionals with advanced training in relevant fields, such as leadership, marketing, management and human resources. These degrees are comprised of specialized courses that are based on traditional concepts and emerging industry trends. Many of these students hold master’s degrees in the fields of business management, organization or administration.

What are DBS Programs?

Doctorate of Business Administration programs are designed for busy, working professionals who attend school part-time. They are also designed to enhance executive understand and professional practice through applying advanced theories into real business and management issues. These programs enhance the student’s skill sets, knowledge bases and core competencies. After graduation, students will be ready to apply relevant conceptual ideas and theoretical techniques to their chosen industries. Students will possess a detailed understanding of applicable strategies used for research and advancement of target business problems. In the end, students will experience enhanced professional performance and gain rigorous research skills.

Admissions Standards

All programs have basic admission requirements that must be met. Candidates must have between five to 10 years of professional experience related to management or executive work. The MBA degree is the desired academic degree, but most schools accept relevant business-focused masters’ degree. Only rarely are exceptional candidates with a bachelor’s degree, additional graduate coursework and extensive managerial experience considered, according to the Fox School of Business. Academic records, two letters of recommendation and two personal essays must be submitted. These essays will share the candidate’s goals and motivations against their career aspiration as well as their plans of how they will balance social, work and personal commitments. Standardized test scores, such as the SAT and GRE, are not required, but accepted. All programs will have an interview process that occurs by teleconference, videoconference or face-to-face interview.

Standard Specializations

Many doctorates of business administration programs offer degree specializations. For starters, an accounting concentration equips students with the skills needed to succeed in the corporate financial world. A health care management specialization prepares graduates to excel by teaching them how to handle technological advancements and integrating health care systems. A human resources specialty examines contemporary legal and ethical issues encountered by HR executives around the globe. Information system programs prepare graduates to learn the security and development strategies needed to support business processes. Finally, international business programs expand business acumen to the next level and prepare graduates for leadership positions in international companies.

Sample Coursework

Doctorate of business administration programs will cover advanced theories of organization, management, applied research and business knowledge. Classes on organizational theories will seek to understand how industries are shifting in response to market, regulatory and technological changes. Global human resources classes will examine the dynamics of complex organizations through the lenses of management theories and cross-cultural psychology. Classes related to global market structures will explore how society and institutions drive economic behaviors and impact business decisions and strategies. Business knowledge conceptualization lessons will breakdown integrated systems into the process and personnel elements that facilitate solutions and achieve goals.

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A Doctorate of Business Administration degree is the perfect choice for new executives who want to advance their careers and improve their business acumen.