What is a Distance Learning MBA?

Distance Learning MBAA distance learning MBA is an online program that allows students to graduate from an accredited and well-recognized learning institution.

Distance Learning MBA 101

The distance learning MBA is usually offered as a part-time program for working adults who must remain in their current while current roles while they study. These individuals are often self-funded students who cannot afford to relocate or lose their salary. There are also employer-funded workers and a small amount of students who simply want to improve their business acumen. Traditional part-time MBA students are limited to local schools, but distance learning empower students to choose from highly-respected universities and international business schools. There are certain distance learning MBA programs that offer both on-site and online courses.

Why Distance Learning Works

Technological advances within the academic world have resulted in great progress and delivery innovations for students. Only a few years ago, distance learning schools still mailed out copies of textbooks. Today, the academic paradigm is different through the collective power of e-books, social media, podcasts, video content and 24 hour contact and support. Almost all distance learning schools use interactive and engaging platforms that accelerate the learning process. As a result, distance learning MBAs are becoming hugely popular among business professionals and more widely accepted by employers.

What are the Benefits?

Distance learning MBAs are the best way to achieve career advancement with limited time and financial resources. Students will experience the same quality curriculum as traditional classrooms and learn the same skills and knowledge. However, there is no need to relocate and invest enormous amounts of time and money. Online students will experience fewer career disruptions, so they can keep their current jobs and salaries. Online programs are flexible, so students will experience less personal pressure, more scheduling freedom and actually have time to travel or enjoy themselves. Distance learning MBAs mean that working adults will be able to apply their newly learned skills and techniques at work to benefit their employers. This will increase their work competency and career marketability.

How to Choose the Right Program

While distance learning MBAs has excellent benefits, not all online MBA programs are the same. There are online-only schools that are basically for-profit businesses that admit anyone who will pay the tuition. While the curriculum content will be satisfactory, these programs may lack full academic and career support. At the opposite end, there are traditional universities that have stringent entrance and residential requirements, such as GMAT scores, pre-requisite coursework and previous work experience. These programs will most likely be more expensive because of lodging, facility and faculty costs, but they offer a solid and prestigious educational experience.

Sample Program

Distance learning MBA programs usually offer similar courses. There will be courses on business systems and processes, which will teach students about operations management (OM) and business process management (BPM), according to Investopedia. Quantitative business analysis classes will cover quality control, decision tools and inferential statistics. Accounting concept classes will introduce students to financial statements and the techniques needed to create and interpret them. Organizational leadership classes teach everything from team dynamics to motivation models and strategic management. Business economics classes will explore national and global markets and economies through case studies of current business problems.

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Distance learning MBA programs are affordable ways for students to gain respected degrees from well-known learning institutions.