What is a Corporate Strategist?

A corporate strategist will help executives and senior stakeholders achieve goals, exceed expectations and implement sound plans. Corporate strategists come from different backgrounds, but they are generally tasked with developing proposals, engaging new clients, ensuring client satisfaction, retaining corporate relationships and identifying marketplace opportunities. Traditional corporate strategists focus on finance, investments, and mergers and acquisitions, according to Investopedia. The new generation of corporate strategists may specialize in human resources, digital marketing, contract management and supply chain administration.

Corporate Brand Strategist

A corporate brand strategist will apply their outstanding writing skills, strong initiative and marketing competency to develop content that drives goals and revenue. They help manage the company’s marketing and communications initiatives to build various brands. Corporate brand strategists promote the company’s platform of products by showcasing intangible values and tangible benefits. Each product line must have a consistent and cohesive story that can be shared and developed across various media and marketing channels.

Corporate brand strategists lead brainstorming and product development meetings that result in the establishment of a brand’s tone, voice, story and messaging guidelines. As a result, they may redesign website pages, recommend customer success stories, search for appropriate blog posts, generate thought leadership pieces and lead prospect generation campaigns. Most brand strategists start out their careers writing, editing and publishing communication materials that are shared through traditional marketing and social media channels.

Corporate Marketing Strategist

A corporate marketing strategist is responsible for creative leadership, brand building, consumer activation and cross-channel marketing campaigns. They may be involved in the creation and dissemination of print, digital, direct, video and content marketing initiatives. Corporate marketing strategists guide the brand direction for product development activities across digital, packaging, marketing and visual merchandising channels. They usually oversee the translation of marketing strategies to marketing executions, so they often travel between departments and locations.

On any given day, they may be involved in collateral development for brand management, service tagline exploration and editorial projects to redeploy existing products approaching the end of their life cycles. They will handle campaigns and content across a wide variety of marketing mediums like print, digital and social. Corporate marketing strategists oversee conceptual marketing solutions that are responsible for creating brand fans, industry advocates and new demographic targets. They may partner with creative marketing, studio art, graphic design and copywriters to develop engaging marketing content.

Corporate Talent Acquisition Strategist

A corporate talent acquisition strategist will be a senior HR professional who champions job market research, talent network engagement and intake meeting preparation. They will develop sourcing strategies for functional areas in alignment with regional hiring plans and goals. They may manage talent sourcing metrics, reporting, analytics, performance and vendor alignment. A corporate talent acquisition strategist will often know the best sourcing pools for advanced positions involving things like IT security, product engineering, corporate mergers and procurement sourcing.

Corporate talent acquisition strategists oversee ongoing candidate pipelining and talent mapping in specialized areas. They manage candidate flows through the screening, interviewing, hiring and onboarding processes. They may create interesting postings and job descriptions to attract the best talent, or they may utilize their personal network to conduct face-to-face meetings with candidates. These corporate strategists must create compelling content and arguments that are supported by facts and master HR sourcing plans.

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Some corporate strategists help their clients transition into new markets, business opportunities and technology solutions. For example, they may teach small companies how to create and customize digital advertising campaigns within limited budgets or they may propose sales material updates to reflect current offerings and industry trends.