What is a Business Communications Strategist?

A business communications strategist works closely with their clients to understand their needs, resolve communication challenges and identify important opportunities. They define key messages, create organic campaigns and integrate presentations of all kinds to reach strategic objectives. Business communications strategists may work in account, creative, marketing and advertising teams.

Career Profile – Marketing

A business communications strategist who works in a marketing department will develop qualitative and quantitative research for actionable insights, profile audiences and communications priorities. They create integrated content marketing plans that leverage digital media channels to drive behavior and deepen consumer engagement. They present strategic recommendations to clients and share information that inspires work that fulfills the clients’ brand and business goals. These business communications strategists track and analyze results and research to evaluate progress toward meeting marketing communication goals. They usually design and present marketing materials for executive audiences and write industry article for online publication.

Career Profile – Management Consulting

A business communications strategist who provides management consulting services will create internal and external tactics for solving business and marketing problems. They bring together creative, marketing and advertising employees collaborate on projects. They create project scopes, calendars, responsibilities and marketing materials. They design strategies for results-driven communications. They oversee the final production of deliverables and report directly to company executives. They work may help produce anything from trade publications to press presentations and community award submissions that support client initiatives. They may train employees how to write online articles, quarterly newsletters, conferences publications and industry award submissions.

Career Profile – Digital Media

A digital media professional with business communications strategy duties will have a deep understanding of online trends and applied expertise with digital media channels. They will have knowledge of audience persona development, customer life cycle mapping and content marketing best practices. These business communications strategists will develop and lead integrated marketing communications campaigns targeting specific demographics. They leverage their expertise in digital leadership, brand positioning and messaging initiatives to cultivate productive and collaborative relationships with clients, internal teams and executive decision makers. These business communications strategists must maintain and manage multiple social media and online platform accounts.

Recommended Education

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing, advertising and promotions managers will need a bachelor’s degree. A business communications strategist will most likely have a master’s degree related to communications or strategic marketing. A master’s degree in communications is the most popular because it provides students with powerful tools and concise training to handle today’s technology-driven world. Graduates will thoroughly understand both quantitative and qualitative communication techniques and methodologies. These programs build critical-thinking and strategic-thinking communication skills that empower graduates to manage branding and messaging programs across various industries. Students will learn how to evaluate communication goals for different audiences, establish methodological foundations for strategic communication and analyze social media engagement.

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Master’s in Communication degree programs will include classes on psychology, public affairs, cross-culture communication and effective messaging technology. There may also be classes on organizational problem solving, concept and strategy integration and internal negotiations and decision-making. Anyone who wants to become a marketing communications strategist may also pursue a specialized marketing master’s degree in social media or creative writing.