What Interests Should One Have Before Deciding to Attend Business School Online?

It takes a special set of skills and interests to do well in an online business school. Online studies are every bit as rigorous as in-person degrees. Online students have to put in the same level of commitment, time and perseverance as their in-person counterparts, however, the online component also requires that a student be able to work independently, have excellent time management skills and can communicate well in writing.

Typical Interests of Business Students

According to an article published in the Journal of Educational Psychology, students who succeed in business school had both high quantitative and verbal scores on standardized tests of achievement, such as the Graduate Management Admission Test, known as the GMAT.

Business programs are typically looking to recruit students who conduct themselves professionally, have an interest in business and financial analysis and like to discuss business issues, such as stocks and investing. Schools look for students who are team players, who can also work independently.

In the Journal of Small Business Management, researchers cite that students who like a challenge, are people oriented and take calculated risks excel in business school.

Time Management

Simultaneously the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of online business school programs is that they don’t force a student to sit down at a required time to review the material. A student can take advantage of this flexibility in choosing the times to study that fit his schedule, but that does not mean he can avoid doing the work altogether. An online business school student still has to set aside time to read the material, complete assignments, meet with instructors, listen to lectures and study for tests.


Having a desire to succeed and not giving up until the goal is accomplished are valuable keys to success in an online business program. Because students are working at course objectives at a different time than their peers or professors, immediate answers to questions may not always be available. In those cases, successful online business students will have to succinctly formulate their questions and complete other assignments, while they wait for instruction and direction.

Computer Literacy

While computers don’t have to be your best friend, students who succeed in online business programs have a good relationship with technology and are comfortable using various programs that require internet connectivity. It’s useful to know how to surf the web, download and upload files and images for review, install software and complete research on the web.

If you have dreamed of going to business school ever since your first lemonade stand at age 8, don’t let distance or a limited schedule stop you from achieving your dream degree. Be aware, however, that it takes more than the desire to succeed as an entrepreneur to be successful. If these descriptions of successful online business school students’ interests and aptitudes match your own, you have what it takes to succeed.