What Industry Publications Should I Subscribe to While Completing My MBA?

As an MBA student, you may have been advised to keep up with industry publications for business students. While it seems like good advice, it can also be daunting to decide which publications are worth your time, especially when you’re also busy reading for classes. Still, there are some industry publications that have been around a long time and are generally so well respected that you’ll likely see them turn up on many lists of recommended extracurricular reading for business students. Below are a few of those respected industry standards.businessreading

Do Some Heavy Lifting With The Economist

The Economist is a magazine that tends to turn up on recommended reading lists of industry publications for business students, and for good reason. It’s a serious minded weekly magazine that tackles substantive issues concerning politics, business, international affairs, technology and more. Bill Gates apparently reads it every week, which may be enough of a recommendation all by itself. Its hefty prose also makes The Economist good practice reading for those studying for the GMAT exam. An easier-to-read, not quite as in-depth publication that nonetheless covers some similar ground is Bloomberg Businessweek.

Stay Connected With Wired

In our fast-paced world, almost nothing changes faster than technology. No matter what business field you are entering, you will likely utilize technology in some way. Wired is a magazine that keeps you up updated on all things connected to technology, from the latest inventions to what they might mean and how they might shape the business world. The magazine combines hard news with creative writing and popular culture slants. If innovation is part of what drew you to business studies in the first place, you will likely find the articles in Wired fascinating and well worth your time.

An Oldie But a Goodie: The Wall Street Journal

Originally founded in 1889, The Wall Street Journal is one of the world’s leading business newspapers. It has over two million subscribers. It focuses on American and international business, financial and economic news, and trends. Published daily, it has sections that focus on news involving areas including technology, media, health and marketing. Its Money and Investing section analyzes financial markets, and it has a respected editorial section. Like many other publications today, it has expanded beyond its original boundaries. The paper has a substantial online presence, with subscribers paying for content. There is also a supplemental WSJ magazine published 12 times each year.

These are just a few of many respected publications that could be recommended to business majors. While working on your MBA, you might want to subscribe to just a few of the industry standards, but you can also spend time reading good business journalism online, reading books on leadership and workplace culture, and exploring topics of particular interest to your educational focus. Talk with your professors and mentors to see what industry publications for business students they would most recommend and spend some time each week reading and keeping up with business news that may help you further your learning and ultimately your career.