What Careers are in Business Communications?

There are careers in business communications in almost every industry, but most of these careers are found within marketing, advertising and public relations departments. Most jobs will require a degree in general business or communications.

Communication Associate

Communications associates develop content and edit deliverables for clients under the direction from senior staff. They proof colleagues’ drafts, ensures message consistency and follow-up with team members to achieve goals and project parameters. They develop understanding of their client’s personality, message themes and unique tones. Communications associates make adjustments to products as needed to meet client needs or incorporate new information. During project planning sessions, they collaborate by contributing samples and sharing case studies with other team members. They participate in business development meetings with clients and prospects, conduct appropriate research and create concept proposals. They may analyze large amounts of information to draw inferences and make data-driven recommendations.

Communications Advisor

Communications advisors manage the evolution of the information process. This includes continually refining content strategies, engaging audiences and reviewing measurement metrics. They oversee all facets of their projects, including digital development, print content and promotion events. Communications advisors work across the company to identify messaging opportunities and support messaging priorities. They develop and manage relationships with vendors, partners, agencies and professional organization. They consistently use their knowledge of business strategies to create solutions that directly impact business performance and revenue. They develop written and verbal messages for internal and external audiences. They direct comprehensive communications strategies and departmental communications strategies. They implement new best practices, measurement tools, communication solutions and quality control processes.

Communications Strategist

Communications strategists help clients develop short and long-range communication plans. They coordinate activities across multiple organizations in fast paced and time sensitive business environments. They support the development and implementation of key strategic messages for a wide range of communication products. They organize communications efforts through writing and presenting development plans. They oversee a variety of internal and external outreach activities. Communications strategists must be skilled at communications product development and associated integration activities. They need to have the ability to coordinate across multiple organizations on high visibility activities. Communications strategists are the written face of the company, so they must produce high quality work. They should have the demonstrated ability to translate highly technical data into engaging information.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers translate business objectives into plans, goals and deliverables, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They oversee annual marketing budgets and work closely with key employees to maintain cost efficiency. They work closely with marketing staff and partners to execute PR, print and digital marketing campaigns. They use analytics to assess campaign effectiveness, enhance future programs and create compelling marketing content. Marketing managers build and maintain engaging social media presences. They develop brand strategies and messages that are implemented consistently across all mediums. They use their project management skills to lead cross-functional teams in the coordination of multiple programs. They make recommendations to management, communicate progress to stakeholders and demonstrate strong understanding of business needs to clients.

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Alternative careers in business communications include outside sales, business development, event planner, advertising specialist and marketing director.