What Careers are Available With an Global MBA?

Global MBABusiness professionals who want to prepare themselves for exciting leadership opportunities that are not limited to national boundaries investigate possible careers available with a Global MBA. Most Global MBA programs consist of course work and other practical experiences that allow students to apply business theory within the context of the global marketplace. This type of education is becoming increasingly valuable as more companies attempt to extend their reach into foreign markets to capture the hearts of different types of customers. According to survey information gathered by Bloomberg, the recruitment of Global MBA graduates has arisen among emerging economies, and Asia has reportedly opened its doors wide to these graduates who have the skills to help their young companies survive and thrive in international markets. Here are some examples of specific career paths that are available for Global MBA graduates.

Global Logistics Manager

Businesses that sell products are always challenged with finding the most cost and schedule efficient ways of getting their goods and other supplies to their destinations in quality condition. They rely on supply chain managers who can effectively negotiate agreements with vendors, create distribution plans and propose risk mitigation activities to minimize impacts to logistical operations when emergencies arise. Global logistics managers problem solve within the context of the regions in which their companies operate. For example, they use knowledge of transportation regulations from various countries to plan distribution activities that are compliant with local laws as well as beneficial to the enterprise.

Environmental issues are also major concerns of many developed and emerging economic markets. Global logistics managers often review toxic emissions standards of various regions, and they modify their supply chain processes to meet and often exceed the environmental standards of all the regions that host their companies. Both logistics managers for domestic companies and global logistics managers seek to integrate their activities with other company divisions. For instance, a global logistics manager who succeeds in lowering the total toxic emissions related to multinational supply chain activities would pass the details of that information to their company marketing and public relations managers.

Global Brand Manager

Global brand manager is another popular position for Global MBA graduates who have marketing skills and experience. These managers are responsible for improving the reputation of particular products or company brands. Job success for global brand managers depends on their extensive knowledge of products, company vision, company divisional activities, host country cultures and target customers. For instance, global brand managers who know that their company’s logistics division has made ground breaking progress on improving environmental standards can use the information to reach business and consumer clients in countries who value clean, sustainable manufacturing practices. Also, global brand managers identify any changes to products that should be made so that they better fit customer needs in new, foreign markets.

Global Financial Manager

According to the Houston Chronicle, financial management for companies that operate in multinational environments is a complex process that takes into account factors such as differences in political stability, exchange rates and credit status. For example, many companies are attracted to certain emerging economic regions because of the availability of cheaper material resources or inexpensive labor. However, these regions may also be plagued with political instability that could result in the imposition of government regulations that impact currency exchange rates and impair foreign trade. While these activities are largely unpredictable, global company leaders must realize that the governments of emerging economic markets will nearly always act to improve the economic conditions of their countries over making their markets friendlier to foreign companies.

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The same business functions and activities that are employed in national markets are still needed when businesses operate in multinational environments. However, businesses that operate in foreign markets inevitably encounter unique challenges due to differences in regulations, culture and available infrastructure. The careers available with a Global MBA allow graduates to demonstrate their problem solving skills in areas like finance, marketing and supply chain management that result in positive changes in world markets.