What Careers are Available for those with an Online Business Degree Specializing in Finance?

Graduates who have an online business degree specializing in finance may choose from a variety of well paying jobs in an economy that is starting to recover. The degree prepares graduates to work as financial analysts, personal advisors, accountants, auditors and loan officers. Applying academic knowledge in the real world is gratifying and financially rewarding. Aol Jobs presents the top 10 jobs in banking and finance.

Working as a Financial Analyst

Recommendations for investments are valuable contributions to corporations as well as individuals. With a deep knowledge of finance, an analyst can provide guidance for others who have not studied the intricacies of the ways that money works. By studying a client’s assets and conducting research, an analyst can prepare advice that grows the value of investments.

Providing Personal Financial Advice

Clients in every financial category need a personal financial advisor to obtain recommendations for investments, budgeting for current needs and planning for retirement in the future. A matter as simple as paying off high interest credit cards may need an explanation to people who are in debt. Setting up a budget provides guidance for clients who may not understand how it contributes to financial stability. A personal financial advisor may work for clients who are considered wealthy or with others who have limited resources.

Choosing Accounting as a Career

A valuable contribution that an accountant provides for clients is the preparation of profit and loss statements. Reconciling reports gives an accountant with an online business degree in finance the opportunity to make good use of academic training. Profitability is the goal of any company or individual investor, and developing strategies to correct practices that are not profitable is a primary duty of an accountant’s job.

Following the Money

An auditor takes an objective look at financial statements to ensure that they accurately represent the financial status of a person or a corporation. Analysis of account balances is an appropriate action for all clients, and an audit for a business includes confirming the accuracy of accounts receivable and the count of physical inventory. Evaluating internal controls can allow an auditor to make recommendations to corporate management regarding improved strategies.

Making Loans

A loan officer who has an online business degree in FINANCE is the decision maker who links banks to clients who need a loan. There are nearly 7,000 banks in the United States, according to a report from CBS Money Watch. Most branches have at least one officer and many have more. A loan officer needs to have the ability to accurately evaluate the credit worthiness of applicants to protect the bank’s assets.

Working with the public as an auditor, a loan officer, an accountant, a personal financial advisor or financial analyst is an opportunity to meet challenges every day. An online business degree in finance qualifies a graduate to provide needed services for corporate and individual clients.