What are the Pre-requisites for an Online Business Degree?

Online degrees are booming, especially in business. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that a business degree is the most awarded undergraduate degree, and the second most awarded graduate degree.  If you’d like to get on your way to a degree in business, what are the prerequisites?

Prerequisite #1: Access to Technology

Online degree programs require extensive computer use. Your computer must at least meet, if not exceed, 100% of all recommended technology standards for your particular university. Standards are specific to each college, but in general, you will need a computer running Windows 98/2000/NT/XP, with 128 MB RAM, at least 100 MB free disk space, and a minimum CPU speed of 266 MHz, with 500 MHz being preferable. Most schools are equally compatible with Mac, and recommend OS 9 or higher, 128 MB of RAM, 100 MB free disk space, and Power Macintosh CPU or higher. Your internet access needs to be as fast as possible as well. Schools are recommending cable modems for the best educational experience.

If you are going to borrow your technology from a friend or relative, be sure that you will have access to the device very frequently – as often as every day, for several hours, depending on your course load.

Recommended Practices for Individuals Pursuing a Career in Business

When preparing for a career in business, there are many non-degree activities that experts recommend for adequate preparation. For example, students can begin researching potential companies and industries that interest them. Likewise, networking is a must for business, and learning how to network effectively is a learned skill. Begin practicing now. Students preparing for a career in business can also take an online self-assessment at http://www.careerleader.com/ to determine their best future fit in the business world.

Prerequisites for Undergraduate Degrees

Prerequisites for an online business degree are virtually identical to prerequisites for a traditional undergraduate program. Applicants must demonstrate a solid academic record, provide transcripts showing completion of a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and submit SAT or ACT scores when applying. Non-traditional students who are currently working in business can request their business experience be considered in lieu of some of the requirements, at the discretion of the admissions office. Applicants submit letters of recommendation and pay application fees. Students applying for an online undergraduate degree program will likely take placement tests for math and writing courses as well.

There are several programs that can prepare a student for a career in business, including Accounting, Business, Finance, Management, Human Resource, and Marketing. US News and World Report lists the top undergraduate degree programs for those wishing to enter business, and the top schools offering those programs.

Prerequisites for Graduate Degrees in Business

Applicants for an online graduate degree in business must hold a completed undergraduate degree, or demonstrate a progression of coursework that will be completed by the time the graduate term will begin. Applications are typically accompanied by letters of reference and transcripts of all previous academic work, even coursework that may seem unrelated. For an MBA program, students are asked to submit scores from a recent GMAT exam. The exam is given several times a year, and must be taken at an official office. More information about the GMAT can be found on their official site.