What are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor of Science in Business?

Are you interested in reviewing the benefits of earning a BS in business? If you are on a mission to enroll in the right degree program so that you never have to worry about switching majors, you need to do research so that you know what to expect before you select courses and attend the first day of class. Some are under the impression that there is a stigma to earning a business degree as an undergraduate, but that could not be further from the truth, if you are entering the right industry. Read on, and find out what skills you will develop with a Bachelor of Science in Business so that you can make an educated decision.

The Potential to Make a Good Living

Your career pursuits may not be all about money, but a majority of people earn their degrees to increase their earning potential. If you choose to earn a business degree, studying relevant subject areas like marketing, advertising, business administration and human resources management, your lifetime earning potential will be sizable. According to a study conducted by the University of Georgetown, alumni of BS degree programs majoring in business earn an average of $60,000 per year, which means that you will be ranked third in highest earnings by major.

Taking Classes That Are Versatile and Relevant

Not everyone ends up starting their own business or working in a management role, but the courses that you take when studying for a Bachelor of Science in Business cover topics that you will need to know down the line. The versatile curriculum and the flexibility of a business degree are what attract so many students to this degree program. While there is flexibility, the bachelor of science degree does have more formal and technical course requirements than a bachelor of arts degree does. However, staying focused on business classes will help prepare you for success in today’s business-driven economy.

Build Confidence While You Gain Connections

In business, it is often about who you know not always what you know. You will gain skills and real-life experience in school, but you will also develop much more than this. As a student, you will be directed to make connections with professors, experts in industry, and other experienced students. As you build these relationships, you will become more self-aware and confident in your abilities. Once you graduate from your program, these connections can truly payoff.

When you earn a college degree, you automatically become more marketable, but adding the right degree to your resume is key to get the attention that you want. With a Bachelor’s degree, you will be qualified for a wide range of positions in business. Having a Bachelor of Science, will show that you have taken coursework that is more focused and not as broad as a Bachelor of Arts Program. You need to really determine which occupation is best suited for you and which elective courses that you should take to put your degree to use. Enhance your marketability as a business professional with a BS in Business and you can reap all of the benefits along with the rewards for choosing the right major and minor.