Is There Tutoring or Extra Help Available for Those Pursuing a Business Degree Online?

If you are thinking about obtaining a business degree through distance learning, you may be wondering if there is tutoring available for students obtaining a business degree online. By reading the data found below, you can obtain an answer to this question as well as several others that pertain to earning a degree online.

Tutoring Options

Individuals who have chosen to obtain their business degrees through internet programs should note that there is tutoring available for students obtaining a business degree online. First, students still have the option of attaining a traditional tutor who will come to the home and provide them with the supplemental instruction needed to excel in their studies. To attain this type of tutor, the online student can simply do a Google search with a key phrase “Business Tutor In (Your State)” and review the search results.

In addition to attaining a traditional tutor, online business students have the option of getting supplemental instruction from online tutors. With this format, the tutor and student can connect through technology such as Web Cam and Skype to exchange information pertaining to business-related subjects. If you are interested in this type of assistance, there are several resources you can peruse in order to find the perfect tutor. Some of the resources include:

1. Smart Thinking


3. Lynda

Obtaining Assistance from your Instructor

Oftentimes, students who opt to earn their business degrees online assume that they will not be able to attain the face-to-face, in person assistance that they are used to getting via the traditional learning format. However, this is not necessarily the case. If your online learning institution has a physical campus in which your instructor has an office, you are generally free to visit him or her to attain any educational assistance you need. And if you cannot meet with your professor in person, you will often find that communicating with him or her via e-mail and/or phone is just as effective. Oftentimes, professors who teach online recognize that these are the primary modes of communication that their students will utilize. In recognizing this principle, they will often take time to check their e-mail consistently and return your phone calls quickly.

Peer Help

In many cases, students who opt to obtain their business degrees online will find that their peers function as an excellent source of supplemental assistance. Specifically, one’s fellow students are studying the same material as you and can thus function as study buddies. Additionally, they will often be able to provide you with material and information that is pertinent to coursework in the event that you have a technical emergency and are not able to log on to the network where your classes take place.

A Final Consideration

If you have chosen to obtain your business degree online, you should note that more and more hiring managers are viewing these types of degrees as just as credible as those earned through traditional learning. However, an important infographic entitled “How Do Employers View Online Degrees?” reveals that the learning institution from which the online degree was earned must conform to specific criteria in order to be deemed valuable in the mind of the hiring manager. The three forms of criteria include regional accreditation, traditional campus, and established brand. With this idea in mind, you may want to consider attaining your online business degree from a learning institution that meets these requirements.


If you are thinking about obtaining an online business degree, you should know that doing so can be the first step towards an exciting, rewarding career. Now that you understand that there is tutoring available for students obtaining a business degree online, you can decide whether this educational path is ideal for you.