Florida Atlantic University-Master of Business Administration

Choosing a Master of Business Administration program is one of the biggest decision you will make in your education. When you choose a program that lacks accreditation from a governing body, you’ll find that employers won’t look twice at your job application, but if you choose a strong program, you’ll discover that finding a future job is easy. Florida Atlantic University offers five different type of MBA programs that will prepare you for working in various fields, and FAU also has an extensive alumni network that believes in looking out for recent college graduates.

Professional MBA Program

Rose Martinelli of BusinessWeek recommends that students interested in MBA programs look for schools that offer job placement and assistance. Florida Atlantic University saw thousands of students graduate from its MBA programs over the years, and those former students want to support new students when it comes to finding internships and jobs later. Many of those students graduated from the Professional MBA program at FAU. This program offers spots to students who studied different topics as an undergraduate and those who don’t have a degree in business or a similar field. Students can enter the program without first taking the GMAT or GRE, and most students love that they can continue working in their current job without missing out on higher education. This program meets every Tuesday and Thursday night for nearly four hours, and as classes take place in the evening, students can stop by after putting in a full day at work. Students earn their degree in approximately 23 months

Executive MBA Program

Designed for professional students, the Executive MBA program through Florida Atlantic University is open to students with at least five years of professional experience. Students must show that they worked in management positions or professional business positions prior to beginning the program. FAU introduced this program after noting that a large number of students couldn’t take time away from their jobs and homes. If you work unusual hours or spend long days at the office, you can’t afford to take time off to attend classes once or twice a week on campus. The Executive MBA program meets twice a month on both Saturday and Sunday. Classes take place on campus on the third weekend of every month and meet from 8 am to 6:15 at night. Students receive frequent breaks throughout the day and time time out for meals in between classes.

Online MBA Program

Earning your Master of Business Administration typically takes some time and effort on your part. When comparing schools and programs, you might feel a little wistful because you know you can’t afford to take time away from your family or job. Florida Atlantic University designed its Online MBA program for students just like you. Instead of driving to campus a few times a week or taking an entire weekend away from your family once a month, you take your classes online. FAU does not require that students take the GMAT or GRE before applying, but the university does ask that students demonstrate that they have experience in the business world. You can only apply to the online program is you have a solid working history that goes back four years or longer. The online program takes place over 23 months and is open to students from all educational backgrounds and majors.

Flexible MBA Program

U.S. News & World Report named Florida Atlantic University a Tier 2 university and one of the top 200 schools in the country. Its business school, which is responsible for the MBA programs, ranks as one of the best in the state. Approximately 66 percent of all students entering the school receive some type of financial aid, including federal student loans and grants. Some of those students enter the Flexible MBA program. Designed for students of all backgrounds, this program requires that students complete a certain number of credit hours of work. Students with an undergraduate degree in business must take 43 credit hours of advanced courses, but many can skip certain classes due to the courses they took as an undergraduate. Those with a degree in a different field need to complete 55 credit hours of work. Courses in the program include human resources management, managerial operations and accounting.

Sport MBA Program

Do you love sports and business? Do you wish that you could work in a field that lets you spend time in an office, on the road and with amateur and professional athletes? If so, the Sport MBA program through Florida Atlantic University might make your dreams come true. Specifically designed for team managers and managers working in the professional sports field, this program focuses on the problems and issues facing those workers. Graduates of the program work for professional sports teams in Florida, including the Dolphins, but they also work as managers and agents for professional athletes, college players, school teams and even actors and models. Accredited by the AACSB, the program requires that all students work full-time in the sports field or complete an internship with a sports team while enrolled in classes. Classes in this Master of Business Administration program take place online, and students must agree to stay in close contact with professors and faculty members while at work or away from a computer.

Florida Atlantic University realizes that all students have different backgrounds, skills, abilities and talents. While other schools take a one size fits all approach to learning, FAU believes in offering its students more choices. Each of its five MBA programs let you build a course schedule that works around your home life and working life. You can take classes in the early evening, on weekends or online, and you’ll also find programs that work well if you don’t have a strong background in business. Whether you want to work in an executive position, in a management position or around professional athletes, you can find a program that offers that opportunity when you enter a Master of Business Administration program at Florida Atlantic University.

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